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On Friday afternoon, the Eccles Theater had to turn away hundreds of movie fans, and even a few industry VIPs, at the packed premiere of “Swiss Army Man,” starring Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano.

But the bizarre fable about a lost man (Dano) who befriends a farting corpse (Radcliffe) could win the festival’s award for the most walk-outs, as a continuous stream of audience members kept standing up and bolting for the door throughout the film.

It was reported that Dempsey used a crowbar to pry the doors open in order to save the teenager.

Back in April, Tom Hardy chased after and caught a thief who had stolen a moped in London.The victim was walking on Hortensia Road in London on the evening of July 14 when two thieves stole his Louis Vuitton bag and cut his face.Former police officer David Videcette saw the situation brewing and tried to intervene, but was unable to stop the muggers.The BBC said that it would not comment on legal matters. Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe rushed to help a tourist who was slashed across the face by a pair of thugs riding a moped.