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Keynote address at CHat Shanghai Conference, September 2016.

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Then it needs to figure out the right questions to ask. I would call it merely an information access system.

Think of it as an active form of learning—interactive, in fact. Q: Are there other ways chatbots can actively learn from us? If I’m rambling on about something and your attention wanders, I have to change what I’m saying to get you back in tune. It allows you to call someone in your contacts, figure out what the weather is, or learn how to get somewhere.

Needless to say, messenger platforms cannot agree on a single standard. They give you a couple of predefined options to choose form, by tapping on a button.Although I know the Founder, Jake, and I use the product (it’s awesome!), he has NO IDEA I’m doing this and has provided no special information — it was all pulled together from free tools and publicly available information. These button-based “bots” are not Siri-like conversational virtual assistants. The downsides are many: Who said the bots must be intelligent? Dan Grover, who worked at We Chat, once wrote a very popular article advancing this point of view. For example, Facebook Messenger API doesn’t support even basic formatting. That said, the buttons-based alternative is not an alternative either. If you build a conversational assistant it will be crappy. ” Some people are even considering removing the text entry box from the bot framework (or at least hiding it by default). In its feature set it would hardly match Netscape 1.0.