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“Justin will take a woman for a drive in his flashy car before bringing her back to his massive home in Calabasas,” revealed a woman who claims she was intimate with the singer.

“Then he’ll make her a drink from the bar he had built in his bedroom. ” So we have to wonder, which car works better in his pickup plans -- the white Ferarri that costs upward of 0,000, or the ultra-exclusive 0,000 chrome-plated Fisker Karma given to him by his manager for his 18th birthday.

As for reports he plies his dates with drinks from his bedroom bar, it's certainly possible that's one of the features of his million Calabassas, Calif., mansion he bought in April 2012.

And for that kind of money there better be a pretty sweet view.

Magistrate Judge David Peebles denied pretrial release for Justin Crandall, 28, who along with his wife, Jessica Crandall, 27, have been indicted in Binghamton's federal courthouse on seven charges that include conspiracy to sexually exploit a child. The decision to keep Justin Crandall in custody was handed down Tuesday.

Peebles also said Justin Crandall is accused of "barbaric acts" against a child."The more serious risk in this case is the danger which defendant would present to the community," Peebles said in Tuesday's decision. Court papers say Justin Crandall's alleged abuse of the victim, a 17-month-old girl, were tied to his methamphetamine addiction.

He claims he knew, before arriving, that he was likely being set up but was willing to risk it in case there was a child in real need. At one point, John attempts to knock the camera out of Gerry’s hand. Through a camera lens, it’s a spectacle tailor-made for trash TV.

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The scene is a dimly lit plaza parking lot somewhere in the wilds of Brampton.11 after a witness reported receiving an image depicting a female toddler engaged in a sex act, which Justin Crandall had allegedly sent via cellphone, according to court papers.But there are times when even a shining knight gets fed up and goes public with lawsuits, tell-all tomes, and front-page TMZ stories.The concession stand told him it would take 15 minutes to make the Slurpee. " The plaintiff walked away "humiliated and traumatized." Outcome: Britney strongly denied the claims, but reportedly settled the lawsuit "amicably" with a modest payment that didn't even cover Flores' legal costs.When he relayed this info to Britney, she reportedly yelled, "I want a f*cking drink! The settlement occurred while she was still under conservatorship for her irrational behavior, so the payment needed to be approved by her father and fiancé.