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Antibiotics will be prescribed if you have a bacterial infection. Then talk with your own doctor or nurse to learn more.

Symptoms that may occur after surgery: Narrator: What to do about changes when you urinate caused by radiation therapy. Listen to solutions from other people undergoing radiation therapy. Miguel: Tip number 1: Drink lots of liquids each day.

A copy of this lies in a padded envelope on the table between the former spouses as they chat.

Once you get past the ick factor — and really, is it any grosser than a porta potty? The best part: P-Tree hooks up to a central sewerage system or a tank, which means it actually flushes. The only downside we can see — and the reason this one’s an “Almost Genius” — is that there’s no shielding on either side of the urinal.

Hence the significant number of members visible in the other images we received of the design.

It's good for your urine to be clear or a pale yellow color.

My doctor says that tells you you're getting enough liquids.