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More on that in DWP 081 Get THE SYSTEM FOR OFF & A FREE 7-DAY DATING COURSE: If you cannot have a woman that is loyal then there is no sense in dating her.

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I recently read an article for men on “Why women just won’t go for the nice guys…” and realized men are being fed just as much misinformation as their female counterparts!

Do women often end up dating the outgoing, thrill seeking “bad boys? Arrogance, egocentrism, self-importance, immodesty, and inconsiderate behavior is definitely a way to make others run for the hills. Arrogance is used when someone is trying to convince someone else that they are worthy of that person’s time and attention (ie. Confident individuals do not feel the need to prove their worth. Confident people spend most of their time listening to others and learning. If a woman is to carry your child, she wants to ensure the child will be strong and healthy, and that you will be strong and healthy, too. In studies looking at factors that women rate as important in a relationship, physical appearance is low on the totem pole.

” Sometimes, but it is not for the reasons you may think. Arrogant people engage in conflicts by inflating their own experiences, “talking big” and throwing insults. Essentially, she wants a partner who is able to support her when she is in her most vulnerable pre and post-baby states. Women are looking more at independence, confidence, establishment in society, establishment in career, and responsiveness to other’s needs.

'My ex has a new girlfriend now, but I know she'll be cheering me on,' Natalie said.

It's the dating women podcast - the only dating show in the world from Doc Love, the man that has interviewed over 10,000 women asking them why they choose to stay with one man versus another.